Haitian paintings by Claude Azor

Brief Bio

Claude was born in his family’s home in Palmistavin, Haiti, a small village in the mountains south west of the city of Léogane Haiti on October 2, 1983. At age 4 he moved to a city in the Mountains called Tom Gato.  He stayed in Tom Gato until he completed school.  At age 17 he moved to Port-Au-Prince to attend college where he studied art and painting.  During his last year of school his mother became sick and passed.  Shortly after, his father lost his job.  Claude was forced to become a sign painter to help the family.  He failed his first attempt to complete the final exam and did not complete his studies.  He stayed in Port-au-Prince for two years following school, where he continued to be a sign painter.  The ability to find paid work and be close to his church family kept Claude in the capital city of Port-au-Prince for the next two years.

In 2010 after the earthquake he moved back to Tom Gato hoping to find work with his father. Today Claude tries to run a small restaurant out of his one room home for visitors that pass through Tom Gato.

Some of his paintings are in Ohio, Michigan and Iowa.

Claude’s goals are to finish School, visit the United States and be able to help people see the beauty in his paintings.


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